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About Us

Where Representation of POC is made more Inclusive and not Tokenized.

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Our Story

Autre Management is a Mother Agency that was founded in Kansas City, Missouri by model Manuella Enama. The sole purpose of creating Autre Management was about redefining fashion industry standards that have misrepresented models of color. For decades, the fashion industry has failed to address and acknowledge their part in enforcing beauty standards that don't mirror people of color. The projection of images has been imbalanced due to the models of color not meeting the Eurocentric beauty standard. 

Autre Management aims to shift focus on the importance of representation by taking a more inclusive approach on what will become the future of the fashion industry. It is imperative that we reflect the current times and issues of our world such as social injustice and systemic racism. Instead of allowing the under-representation of poc to continue, we choose to be apart of the solution, and hope that many other of our industry related peers, will do the same.

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